Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Toe to Toe

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Bronze footprint and signature sculptures of Microsoft co-founders and native sons, Paul Allen and Bill Gates, are part of an in-concrete display in the sidewalks that surround the Nordstrom downtown Seattle store. Allen and Gates started Microsoft in 1975, making their mark in history through their youthful mastery of coding and development of software for the personal computing revolution. They are now two of the world's wealthiest people and two of the Pacific Northwest's largest philanthropists and idea/real property developers.


simon kutcher said...

Going toe to toe with Bill and Paul would certainly be an interesting experience. Who else can be found on the Seattle sidewalk?

lv2scpbk said...

This photo reminded me of the footprints my son had to stand on when he went into the Marines.

Lavenderlady said...

Now that is a great photo! I had now seen this when I've visited...perhaps I better get bacl over there.

Kim said...

Simon, There are dozens of them. The ones I best remember are those of Jim Whitaker (first American climber to summit Mt. Everest and REI legend) because they are enormous (he's a tall fellow) and because a hiking partner pointed Whitaker out on the trail ahead of us on Mt. Rainier once.

lv2scpbk, So is that a special Marine initiation experience, to stand in big footprints?

lavenderlady, They are interesting. I always love the literal street art underfoot in this city.
Thanks for commenting!