Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thinking of Ham

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. . .Ham of London Daily Photo, that is, who has featured a series of wonderful found elephant shots from all over London. When I passed by the London-style phone booth paired with the Elephant & Castle archway, I just had to take this shot for him! This pub is in front of the Red Lion Hotel on 5th Ave, and I think it's one a a chain of such themed restaurant/bars. I haven't eaten here, but the outdoor patio was packed with what looked like locals (rather than tourists) so I assume the food is good. This is the second red London-style phone booth I've noticed in Seattle (another is at the Lockspot Cafe at the H.M. Chittenden Locks in the Ballard neighborhood).

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Ham said...

Ah yes. The London Elephant - ELphas Londinium - well known for its appearance in odd places. As it happens, the elephant at the Elephant & Castle is one I've been holding back on, because it is the only one that most people would name.

The phone boxes have been appearing all around the world since BT ripped them out in the seventies, thinking "modern" accoustic hoods would do the job. They don't. If I ever have a house with a pool (and the weather to use it) I'd love one as an outside shower cubicle.