Thursday, August 23, 2007

Family of Five Fun

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What a pleasure to see a family really enjoy themselves while on holiday. You should have heard the giggles from the baby! And the little boy is looking down at the moving shadow. As in most large cities, many carriage services in Seattle offer tours through interesting parts of town during the summer and Thanksgiving through Christmas holiday seasons.


josh said...

I've always found the route of those carriage rides a bit bewildering. Fourth Avenue through Belltown is about the least scenic part of Seattle I can imagine. Maybe they're limited by hills and traffic patterns as to where they can go?

SeattleBrad said...

Wow, what a great exposure! You were standing on the shady side, but the fill flash is just perfect. Nice job.

Kim said...

Josh, Gee, I've only seen them on Pike/Pin/1st/and 5th. I'm not really familiar with their routes, but I'm sure they would avoid hills.

SeattleBrad, Huh? This was late in the afternoon. There is a TON of reflection from the building windows on the eastside of 5th. I used no flash at all and can only think the reflection must be the reason for the better lighting than you might have expected. I was in full sun, myself at the corner. But, thanks anyway. :-)

Tara's Talk said...

What a great photo! I love all the fun & expression in the photo! The little boy's face is an absolute captured treasure! :)
Thanks for sharing the photo!