Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to Beat the Traffic on the Fremont Bridge

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For the better part of this year the Fremont Bridge and its approaches have been undergoing major reconstruction and maintenance. It has been a bit of a headache as it is one of the busiest draw bridges in the world. Because it is so very low over the the active Lake Washington Ship Canal and hosts scads of vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians from the Fremont and Queen Anne Hill neighborhoods, it has affected both marine and land traffic patterns. Now that most everything is done on the project and the bridge has been reopened to normal traffic, it is only rush hours and boats passing through again that seem to cause big back ups. How to beat the traffic? Hundreds of cyclists that use the nearby Burke-Gilman Trail and the bike lane over the bridge could tell you! (And yes, that IS a Duck Tour craft in traffic on the bridge!)


• Eliane • said...

Did I tell you yet how I enjoy reading your blog every day? Not only do you find a nice, funny slice of life but your pictures are so beautiful. This is what I'd love to be able to achieve- I am really a begginer so I am in awe.
And, hum, it's Eliane (French), not Elaine (US). I know, how weird. But hey, c'est comme ça!

mvodak said...

well this is a nice shot. "look ahead, it says"