Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Market Bouquet

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Flowers are inexpensive and abundant at the Market. I shot this through the window of a coffee shop. The young woman was waiting outside at the corner, her colorful purchase of sunflowers and gladiolas in arm. I often times will take the bus to the market to get a bouquet and something fresh for dinner. The flower and veggie farmers are small time operators who may only sell what they themselves grow. Many were hit hard by the flooding in their growing areas last fall. If we keep purchasing their products, they can more quickly get back on more solid financial ground. Farmers at all the neighborhood farmers' markets also need our patronage to rebound from what has been a rough year. They are our direct link to fresh, healthy food supplies. If they go under, we all lose, big time.


Kate said...

This is a familiar scene for me in St. Paul, too. Love the market and love the veggies. My only complaint is that it is not year round. I agree will all of your statements. A lovely photo, too.

Jazzy said...

very pretty bouquet of flowers with a very nice expression on a woman's face. great atmospheric shot.
thanks for stopping by Kim!

blueboat said...

Looks like a wonderful market - whereever I go, I try to make my first stop a market - they say so much about a city.

David said...

Wonderful Photo, Pike Street Market is a wonderful place too. I grew up in Oregon and have been to Seattle and the market many times. It is a fabulous city and you are doing a great job of sharing it, thank you. It brings back many good memories.


joy said...

Your pbotos are making me a bit sentimental. My first city to visit in the US was Seattle and it was a most enjoyable time. The market was especially interesting, particularly the profusion of flowers!

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Linda said...

You're photo blog makes me miss Seattle. I lived there in the early 90's and haven't been back since my oldest was 11 months old.

I loved hopping the bus and going to the Market for fresh, everything!

Thanks for posting your pictures of your beautiful city.

• Eliane • said...

Gorgeous bouquet. I made it my weekly obligation: to go to the farmers market and buy flowers for the week. It puts a smile on my face when I open the door of my appartement each night.

Forks and Forest said...

Pike Place Market is always so alive. They even sell great dried flowers - my wedding bouquet was dried indigenous flowers from Pike Place, still have the bouquet!