Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy Morning in the International District

Busy International District

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Immediately south of the Pioneer Square neighborhood and east of the stadiums begins a most colorful area now known as the International District. Once upon a time it was called Chinatown. The newer name reflects that people with recent family roots in many different countries now call this neighborhood home.


Victoria said...

I love that they changed the name; International District sounds like an interesting place indeed.

I always love to see your photos!

You've been tagged! See my Tuesday post for details.

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Celine said...

Seattle has such cool architecture... that rounded building in the middle is fascinating to look at.

Kim said...

Considering your Senior topic, it sounds like a fact that would interest you. :-) Thanks so much for your visits to SDP and kind comments. I will try to post 8 things tomorrow and tag 8 folks.

Celine, Thanks, I was thinking that the roof line reminded me of the roof of the Municipal Building a little (on my Flickr site recently) in that the roof is transparent and curves downward. I wonder how hot the cubies in those offices become with all that sunlight?