Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Tag Fun & A Grand Old Beauty

A Grand Old Beauty

Photo & Text Copyright 2007 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

This orange beauty is a real neighborhood treasure in the Central District (except to whomever must rake the leaves, I suppose ;^) ). And now something fun!

I've been tagged by Victoria of Joplin Daily Photo! I get to list eight things about myself that you probably don't know, and in turn tag eight other CDPBloggers to do the same.

1. I completed a course to become certified in scuba diving but haven't dived since.
I spent several summers lakeside and pool side as a camp lifeguard, and I enjoy hearing the pure glee of children splashing in the water and messing about in boats.
3. I sing along to music in the car. Loudly. I discovered recently that I also unconsciously do this in stores that play overhead music, because someone gave me a funny look as I was searching for items on a shelf the other day, singing away, although softly :-}.
4. I adore eating artichokes. More than ice cream, even!
5. Although I do love dogs, I've found over time that I am truly a cat person. But not THAT kind of cat lady (we only have ONE!)
6. Most of my reading these days is tending toward poetry and non-fiction (so serious!), although I did finish Cormac McCarthy's cheery little book, "The Road, " recently.
7. Before moving to Seattle, if I found a wee spider in the house, I'd coach it onto a piece of paper and help it dangle to safety outdoors. Here the spiders are enormous, dark, hairy, fast, jumpy beasties that come indoors en masse at certain times of the year. I find I've turned murderous rather than merciful with them, and it makes me sad that their size and quickness frightens me into it. I find I do not harm their tiny babies though.
8. I collect fabric. Lots and lots of fabric. Sometimes I even sew with it ;^).

I am tagging these 8 City Daily Photo Bloggers. [skip this if you've been tagged already]
1. Steffe of Photos From Haninge
2. Ham of London Daily Photo
3. Tanty of Stavenger Daily Photo
4. Kris of Little Town in Hungary
5. Jazzy of Tuzla Daily Photo
6. Norma of Sequim Washington Daily Photo
7. Susan of Maple Ridge Daily Photo
8. Chris of Newcastle Upon Tyne Daily Photo

These are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.


Carol said...

Ah yes, we do have spiders. But we don't have ANTS! Zillions and zillions of ants, who invade JUST because you didn't wipe up the jam from the counter.

Carol (former San Diego resident and ant-hater)xnfbi

~tanty~ said...

Beautiful tree! I do love autumn colors. Oh, thanks for the tag. I will try to do it :)

Kim said...

I had to laugh because I remember caulking around all the electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures to keep the ants from coming in when we lived in California. Guess what? They still came in through the actual plug receptacles! They were often after water. This was Northern CA. Growing up in Southern CA I remember my mom saying the tiny tiny light brownish ones were grease ants and the regular sized black ones were sweet ants. . .two kinds! Now all of Cali has Argintinian ants. Here in Seattle I've only seen big gigantic enormous black carpenter ants. . .and only a very few of those, and they stay outside. Yippee!

Tanty, hope you have fun with the tagging! Thanks,


Jazzy said...

gorgeous colours Kim.
you tagged me, naughty naughty girl, i just finished it, lot's of work but since i haven't been visiting DP friends lately it's good that i did it.
Jazzy x

WebOJ said...

Beautiful pic.
P.S. Your diving classes must be coming in handy now everytime you see a spider! Tee! Hee!

kris said...

oh, kim..i was just online after long time. I'll get it done SOOOON! ;)