Sunday, October 21, 2007

Every Town Has One (I Hope)

Every Town Has One (I Hope)

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. . .an independent or art house theater that dates back to the day and hasn't become a multiplex. This is the Guild 45th Street Theater in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood and retains most of its Art Deco lines and details. So, what good movies have you seen lately?


WebOJ said...

Looks attractive. I also loved the Pumpkin pic.

Zsolt said...

to me its so strange that in the US streets are having rather numbers and not names. Here every streets have a name..for example my street is Kelemen László str. (though I have no idea who was it):) ANd the rule is that you can name a street/bridge/building only after someone who died.

-RM said...

I haven't seen any...the last good movie I saw was Shoot 'Em Up...actually now that I remember, I saw Michael Clayton. That was pretty good. I saw the upper part of that theater. I'm waiting eagerly for this weekend as The Darjeeling Limited opens in San Antonio! OOOOOOOH I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!