Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jack O'Lanterns To Be

Jack O'Lanterns To Be

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Gaining in popularity here in Seattle are the small white pumpkins the children call "ghost" pumpkins, used for Halloween decorating. Our family's tradition for an October weekend is to visit a pumpkin patch to let the kids chose a pumpkin in the field or from a display such as this one at a market. The only rule is they have to be able to pick up and carry the pumpkin to the car themselves or lift it into any wheelbarrow or wagon the farm or market has there to help. This rule keeps big eyes from wishing too large and keeps the cost down. The day before Halloween, our kitchen table often looks like the site of a great pumpkin massacre and the aroma of roasting pumpkin seeds fills the house. Have a great weekend everyone!


Moi said...

I love pumpkins for the fact they add such a dash of color to the bleakest of surroundings :)

Bergson said...

pretty pumpkins !

i want one for haloween

sprizee said...

Metro Market on Queen Anne!

guild_rez said...

what a great picture..
Happy Halloween
cheers from Canada

I have never been to Seattle, wonderful city..