Sunday, October 07, 2007

Promoting Seattleite Eddie Vedder's Film Score

Promoting Native Son Eddie Vedder's Film Score

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This was on display at Easy Street Records in Seattle, which often hosts in-store concerts featuring Eddie Vedder, a Seattle resident that music fans will recognize instantly as that haunting voice inside their heads from the band Pearl Jam. Vedder composed the soundtrack for the new Sean Penn directed film, Into the Wild. Seattle is a big music town with lots of great local talent and is very proud of their music artists.


Moi said...

I am looking forward to this movie....I have read so much about this one .....and being a nomad at heart, i have always enjoyed these self-discovery-through-travel movies ...motorcycle diaries remains eternal favorite....and if I'm not wrong Penn has used the same cinematographer for his movie ..

Zsolt said...

One of my favourite actor is Sean Penn. I am looking forward the movie:)