Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dr. Seuss Goes to Market?

Dr. Seuss Goes to Market

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At least it looks like a drawing from a Dr. Seuss book to me! Another mystery for you to ponder today. Are they vents? Down spouts? A stationary horn? Well, two things I know for sure: these act as planters for flowers and grass; these are used as nesting places for birds. Post Alley, Pike Place Market. . .inventive PVC sculpture or drainage? Leave a comment if you have a guess. Have a great Tuesday, and Seattlites, don't forget to cast your ballots today!


Bergson said...

Strange photograph not to say odd

seattlefoodster said...


it's actually just an art piece... i was taking a tour of the market one day and overheard the guide mentioning it.

. : seattle foodster : .

Kim said...

Yes, I agree! ;^)

Thanks for providing the insight. In this case, form simply doesn't HAVE a function, let alone follows one. Hey, BTW, how did you like that tour you took? Would you recommend it to visitors to the city or Seattlites or both? And, you have a nice foodie blog. Cheers,

Finish Tag said...


Also, see his downspouts at First and Vine...lots of public art all over Seattle.

seattlefoodster said...


The food tour was excellent and is a great idea for both Seattle natives and visitors. It is called "Savor Seattle Food Tour."

Enjoy!! Thanks for the compliment.