Monday, November 05, 2007



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Can you solve the mystery? I was shooting some photos by Lake Washington in the Montlake neighborhood when something blue caught my eye in some nearby branches at the water's edge. When I came near, this is what I found: what remains of a blue and white ceramic cup that says Made in Japan upon it. Nearby on another branch was an old and similarly broken creamer with a shiny lavender glaze and faded flowers hanging by its handle on a limb that had grown quite a bit since the handle was slipped onto a branch, because it couldn't be slipped off the grown branch now. You can see another photo on my Flickr page (in the sidebar to the right).


Zsolt said...

its a mystery to me, too:) But the photo itself is also a mystery...a great work!

Geologychick said...

It's known as the Japanese Coffee Mug and Creamer Tree not to be confused with the O-choko (traditional small sake cup) Tree. It is in the same Family as the popular Money Tree and it is very rare!
Just a little Monday fun... great shot!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it's an old fashioned way to catch water for the small birds that may alight on those smaller branches, since the trees don't have a way to collect water themselves. also seems that that water would grow stagnant quickly...not so good for the birds.

Anonymous said...

Someone put it there for a reason, but I don't feel that's important. You've found a memorable shot, took it and have a great result. Well done.
Paul from telephotolensinfo.