Tuesday, December 04, 2007

32 Straight Hours of Downpour


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Yes, it rains in Seattle, but it doesn't normally rain like THIS in Seattle. The most rainfall in Seattle's recorded history fell during a 32 hour period on Sunday/Monday. These rains followed the snow storm on Saturday. The Pineapple Express weather pattern was credited with the 5+ inches of rainfall in the northern neighborhoods of Seattle which overflowed creeks and sewers, flooding homes and causing erosion, landslides and street and freeway closures. The southern neighborhoods and SEATAC received slightly less rain. All of the Pacific Northwest was very hard hit by the storm. I'm wishing everyone affected by the storm a speedy recovery and clean up with as few snags as possible in recovering and replacing what has been damaged and lost.


Penseroso said...

I heard that the windy road leading down to Golden Gardens has washed out and is closed until sometime this coming spring! Yowza! I liked that road -- I even photographed it a few months ago. Anyway, I like to shoot out in the rain because of the effect it has on light and colors and shapes, but not this time -- it was raining sideways at high speed. That's not rain, that's a pain!

Kim said...

Yeah, folks at work were saying the road went and took a car with it!!! I thought of that photo you took down there. I'm wondering about the stair cases that descend that hill, cutting right through all those switchbacks of road and wondering how many folks will be taking that route down to the dogpark and beach.