Monday, December 03, 2007

She's Reading Over His Shoulder

She's Reading Over His Shoulder

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Thought I'd start the work week with a little humor. Check out the little girl behind the guy with the laptop. ;^) Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry. Seems like the US and Canada are blanketed with storm systems everywhere. Maybe duck into a warm coffee house for a cuppa and to check your email. . .visit a few city daily photo blogs. . .let your mother know you're alive and stuff like that.


smilnsigh said...

She is!!! -giggles-

Yes, all stay warm, with this *yuck-o* weather what lots of us are having and had.


Dsole said...

hehehe nice pic Kim!
It's always a pleasure say Hi and everything's ok!
Have a great days ;)

Me said...

Nice post Kim. Warm thoughts are always welcome. From the state with way too much WARM weather, I wish you all a warm and safe winter!

Kim said...

Mari-Nanci, Merci, mon amie!

Dsole, Gracias. ¡Está tan bien tener noticias de usted! Realmente le echamos de menos, entonces me alegro usted se detuvo brevemente hoy. Espero que usted haga bien.

Wayne, Thanks so much, and send us more of that warm stuff. It's starting to work!


Annie said...

Very cute!