Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Always Ready


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Two tugs lashed to each other make their way up the Lake Washington Ship Canal toward their home at a Nickerson Street marina. The Stacey Foss and the Sandra Foss are part of a fleet of tugboats owned and operated by Foss Maritime, who are often called upon in emergencies. Their motto: "Always Ready." A crew member in blue gloves visible on deck is getting drenched in the steady rain as the boats make their way back under the Ballard Bridge during the storm. The rains have abated now, but have left many parts of Washington State devastated, including a 20 mile stretch of the main north/south artery, I-5, which is still impassable.

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Me said...

Really neat shot Kim. I wish you and all those I left behind in Washington a full and speedy recovery from this disastrous weather.

Kim said...

Wayne, Thanks very much. Luckily we live on a hill so the rains did not affect us personally. People throughout Washington state have experienced profound loss, though, and forces are mobilizing to help them and repair the broken systems and infrastructure that were so dramatically affected. Keep sending that warmth!