Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dry Now, But Cold and Lots of Work to Do


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The view from the road: that's Capitol Hill rising up on your right, and Lake Union and East Lake are to the left. . .of course you can't glimpse any of that because this wasn't a wide angle lens. ;^) It's dry, but cold now. You may have heard about all the road problems the flooding from the recent rain storm caused. Here in Seattle, Interstate 5 is fine. But, this main north/south corridor that extends from the Canadian to the Mexican borders had a 20 mile stretch in southern Washington that was still submerged as of last night. Freight truckers and other traffic have to use a very out of the way detour to get through. Hats off to all the workers from every agency who are working overtime in the cold to keep things safe, repair and clean up the wide effects of the storm's damage.


Annie said...

I hope you are staying dry!

Kim said...

Annie, Thanks! All is well with our family, and its been dry the past 3 days. Hooray!

smilnsigh said...

Yes, we just don't realize how much of our usual things, come by trucking. And when a natural disaster strikes, how life can be disrupted.