Friday, December 07, 2007

Two AM Delivery

Two AM Delivery

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Nearly all is quiet after hours at the Market. Just a security guard and delivery driver are about. So many who truck freight and deliveries have been affected by road closures, people are keeping up as best they can. In the morning, all will be bustling again at Pike Place Market. Fish will be tossed, tourists entertained, unique gifts will be found, dinner menus will be planned around what looks good today, and flowers for the table will go home wrapped in PPM paper. Workers from surrounding businesses will duck in from the cold for happy hour at a pub and couples and groups of friends will trickle into the many surrounding restaurants for a warm meal and conversation above the lights shining on Elliott Bay. Have a lovely Friday!

Wondering how to help those in Washington State who were severely affected by the recent storm and flooding? Please click here for information.


Anonymous said...

The dawn of busy days... Just like another place in the world. But the way you shot it, makes it a place of serenity.

Nice take,
Digital Photography

Carol said...

Too funny! I just passed that exact location last night at about 10 PM after a wonderful dinner with a friend at Le Pichet on 1st Street, and thought took a quick snapshot -- nowhere near as nice as yours, though.

I loved the peace and quiet of a place usually bustling with activity!


Annie said...

I just love the Market, no matter how many times I go there or see pictures of it, I just love it. I have never seen it at night, though! Thanks for sharing such a neat perspective on a place that I enjoy so much!

Me said...

Pike Place Market. What a neat place. I wish I had gotten there more often when I lived in WA. Neat picture, capturing the 'calm before the storm'.

Episcopollyanna said...

LOVE this one. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Kim, thanks for the link that leads to the flood relief resources. Helping other people is one of the things that gives this season meaning, and your suggestion comes at a timely moment.

Kim said...

Jay, I'm flattered you visited! thanks a bunch. Hope lots of folks visit your wonderful blog.

Carol, Le Pitchet?! You lucky. I bet it was so yum! We had often walked the Market late at night after an evening out or just to walk, but I had seldom had the camera. The streets around are so different without the crowds, just the folks who live and work there.

Annie, at night it is deserted, but fun to see what you miss with the crowds in the way of your sight.

Episcopollyanna, glad you liked it!

Anon, You're welcome and many thanks for your comment. Last year in November many of the flower and veggie farmers from this market had their crops wiped out in a similar storm and I linked to the Market Foundation's fund to help them recover at that time. This year's storm ravaged other areas of the state with floods, and Washingtonians are pitching in wholeheartedly to help however they can. It's nice when folks from other areas care to contribute as well.

Alan said...

Wow! I've never seen it without wall to wall people.