Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seattle Steam Orca

Seattle Steam Orca

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This gigantic mural on the side of the Seattle Steam plant on Western Avenue features a leaping Orca..You might not see such a dramatic scene out on Puget Sound, but if you visit here, you very well could see a pod of whales if you got out on the water up toward the northern islands. Each of the three pods that summer in the Sound is called by a letter, and the Orcas within each are known by name. Today the US president made a controversial announcement that he is granting the US Navy immunity to the environmental law restricting use of sonar in its training maneuvers along the Southern California coast. Dolphins and whales had been found beached and dying after sonar use in their proximity in the past, so its use in training had been banned for some time. The Orcas that summer here as well as other types of whales migrate down the coast to Mexico for the winter.


Piobaireachd said...

Sorry, but granting the exception to the US Navy is the right thing to do.

Kim said...

Dear Piper, Sorry to quibble just a bit with your point, but to be accurate, the president is not making an "exception" for the Navy as if it were one in a field of many sonar users; rather, he is granting the Navy immunity from a law written specifically to deal with Naval coastal sonar use in response to its observed effect on marine mammals. I did not state my agreement or disagreement with the president's decision, and you, of course needn't be sorry for your opinion about it. All opinions are surely welcome here :-).

Piobaireachd said...

I understand and thank you!

smilnsigh said...

Now _there_ is a mural!!!


lytha said...

i love these murals and would like to credit the artist: