Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sheffield Apartments

Sheffield Apartments

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I thought visitors might like to see what a nice older Seattle apartment building, now converted to condominiums, looks like. This view looks up at an arched window and three story facade of the 1929 Sheffield Apartments on Capitol Hill. I like the details of shield style ornaments in the windows and the reflection of the trees and sky, the sunlight on the brickwork. Most of the older apartment buildings in Seattle are made of brick this color rather than red, and most have terracotta details. I didn't know it when I took this photo, but this 23 unit building sold for $4,500,000 US $. A 530 sqft studio condo that cost the owner about $200,000 can be rented for about $1000/mo. Some real estate interior shots here. Things are pricy in the rental market. Oh, and did I mention that reg unleaded gas cost $3.29/gal this week and organic milk (the store's brand!) was $4.19 for a HALF gallon.


Octavine Illustration said...

i love the art deco detailing. the stained glass is gorgeous. thanks for sharing this. as a font designer i greatly appreciate the s as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I'd pay a grand a month to live here!

Oh, and gas? Just paid $3.45 a gallon for regular.

Episcopollyanna said...

Beautiful pic! When my mom moved to Seattle as a little girl in 1953, she lived near there in a similar building. I'll have to ask her what her parents paid each month for rent, just out of curiosity.

Kim said...

Octavine Illustration,
Thanks. It's fun to find such interesting architectural and design details!
Chez Shoes, I can see how it would appeal to you. Wow, where did you stop for your gas?
Episcopollyanna, Thanks! Hey, do you know the name of the building or it's cross streets? I've shot quite a few of them.

Anonymous said...

I managed this building for about 10 years. Working for Gary and being surrounded by great tenants and luxury apartments was great... Although, they still had original plumbing and I was the plumber too...

I love my time there and still have the original swatch of carpet in my home that Gary had hand made for The Sheffield