Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kiss Cafe

Kiss Cafe

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Given all the romance going on at Paris Daily Photo this week, I thought I would salute the happy couple with a kiss from Seattle. This Kiss Cafe sign caught my eye, but I have yet to try the Ballard eatery. Have you been there?


George Townboy said...

Love this shot!

Since I'm photographing KISSimmee, you can throw in and extra KISS from me. LOL

Jim said...

Cafe, beer and wine, great combo and neat sign.

Small City Scenes said...

Cool sign. Never been there. MB

Chuck Pefley said...

Nope, hadn't seen this one before. Fun sign is apparently an acronym for "keep is simple s___" but an effective double entendre. Fun!

Marie-Noyale said...

A grey day today here,but your spring pictures lifted up my spirits,they are really fantastic..
I wouldn't mind sipping a nice cappuccino in this café,even if the rain is falling outside!!!

Ken said...

Nice sign. Way to keep with PDP theme.

Nathalie said...

I followed the love story on Eric's blog too. What a story! Nice thought, this kiss from Seattle!!!

Kim congratulations again on your flower shot of last Sunday. A true beauty. Keep it with your top ones!

Kim said...

George, LOL!

Jim, It does sound good. I'm hoping some regular will check in and confirm.

MB, I thought it was a nice shaped sign. I don't see too many new neon signs in the "old style."

Chuck, Ah, perhaps a clue to the type of fare offered, eh? Thanks.

Marie-Noyale, Well, I glad those shots lifted your spirts. I will have to look at them again myself, as currently we're in the midst of a big storm that is dropping wet mushy snow flakes on our roof (melting instantly). Sigh. . .my tulips just started opening this week!

Ken, Why, thank you, sir!

Nathalie, Thanks so much. I always value your photographic opinion, so I consider that high praise indeed.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Anonymous said...

Keep it simple sucka- is what Brenda, co owner of KISS, says. Though the staff shifts its wording for the day.
You will have to hear Brenda say Sucka with her dingo laugh to understand why it is so cool.
having been in the industry for a while, she rolls with it all.
Nice space- like a living room with cafe seating.
Great lunch items, beer, wine, soda and Zoka coffee.
On teh bike path to Golden Gardens and next to Locks.
Check it out and keep up the great work.