Friday, March 28, 2008

Kabul Daily Photo

Kabul Daily Photo

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Oh, wait, this is actually on the campus of the University of Washington here in Seattle. I was taking photos of the cherry trees in bloom on the quad when these nice guys from Afghanistan asked if I would take a couple group shots for them. So, hi from them to the folks back home in Kabul, and to the Daily Photo folks all over the planet. Happy Friday!


Bibi said...

Hello from Belgrade! I can never be first on Eric's Paris blog, though it's not a race for me, but since it is now 2:55 a.m. in Seattle and 10:55 a.m. here in Serbia, I have a chance to be #1 here. I love this photo. I'm sure these fellows were really happy to have their photo taken, and I hope viewed by their friends and families at home.

Jim said...

Pretty neat that you can be the one to show the photo to their families back home via CDP. Did you give them your website address?

Chuck Pefley said...

Amazing who we meet when we're out making photos -:) I like being able to have just a small, but intimate, part in international "human" relations. Nice!

Jilly said...

I just love the composition of this photo. Looks like these guys are part of a stage play or a rather large music group. They post like they've been together for a long time - but really, well done to you for the photo.

And snap, Kim - I too got asked to take photos - see Monte Carlo DP but in my case, only two guys.

aren't we lucky?!

Kim said...

Bibi, We must think of a prize! :-) I do hope they see it and their fams can view it. I've had a few visitors to SDP from Afgahnistan in the past.

Jim, As I was snapping the photos I told them they would be featured on SDP, and hopefully one of them will remember and check it out.

Chuck, this must happen to you a lot wherever you go. I enjoy meeting people. Just last night at Kerry Park I met a woman from Bijing who was there filming a documentary, and she was heading to Honolulu today. . .sigh. . .don't we wish we were going with her, eh?! ;^)

Jilly, Thanks so much, and yes, I think you are right that they look like performers. . .very comfortable with each other. And yes, I must admit it was fun to get all these cute guys smiling. . .:-)

George Townboy said...

Very cool photo, Kim. And fantastic backdrop for it!

Ignacio said...

Saludos desde Spain. Muy buen blog de imágenes.

Igor said...

So when do we have a Kabul Daily Photo? :~)

Marcel said...

Are these guys students at the U? I didn't get to swing by your blog yesterday, but I see now I have another eatery I need to try next time I'm in Seattle. With a name like Kiss I best take my wife with me!

Kim said...

George, Thanks very much!

Ignacio, Gracias por sus saludos de España y para caerse por SDP. Me alegro le gustaron las fotos y la esperanza que usted visitará a menudo. Disfruté viendo sus fotos, que son fantásticas, sobre todo aquellos de la navegación y de regatas. ¡Usted es muy talentoso y tiene un maravilloso ojo para grandes tiros!

Igor, Wouldn't that be fantastic! We'll see if a seed was planted with any of these guys. BTW, I loved seeing the photo of you and Dom with Jenny. So fun to see your smiling faces and lay eyes on the guys who have done so much hard work to make this CDPB community happen. Thanks a bunch!

Marcel, I haven't a clue why they were in Seattle and on the campus of UW, but they seemed to be visitors. It is close to traditional new years and there was a celebratory concert in town last weekend that brought Afghani people from all over to Seattle. Could be they are touring musicians or in show biz, or visiting scholars on holiday. Don't you just love a mystery! That cafe was a stonesthrow away from the Lockspot, BTW.

Jana said...

Its funny how you meet people sometimes. Great photo!

Petrea said...

It's wonderful to see them. I hope there'll be a Kabul Daily Photo soon, and other cities, too. Over at Eric's Paris DP there was, for a time, a visitor who was trying to put together Tehran Daily Photo. I keep looking for it.

jungmin said...

Oh, it makes me smile :D