Monday, April 07, 2008

Neck Rolls at the Corner

Neck Rolls at the Corner

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I saw this woman, out for a run with the family dog, waiting for a traffic light at the top of Phinney Ridge. She was adding some neck rolls to her routine while standing at the corner, perhaps in time to the music on her iPod. What do you listen to when you are active? Please excuse the degraded image resolution I've been experiencing when resizing photos of late. For crystal clear images, you may click on the photo to go to the source.


Marie-Noyale said...

I,like you ,love to look at houses.
I love the one you posted yesterday,shapes and colors.
And with this morning shot ,we almost want to swing our head with her!!
The playlists I use for walking are a mix of everything,classical or recent,but Energetic!!!

Chuck Pefley said...

On our ride yesterday I listened to a bit of David Lanz piano music. No neck rolls, though ... just rolled my eyes a few times -:) Especially when the Ruston town cop stopped the trailing two scooters in our group (picked off, really) because our group of 9 scooters went through an empty 4-way stop intersection as a group ... no ticket though -:)

Have a great week Kim. More rain to supply rainbows is in the forecast. ~Chuck

Chris said...

I wanted you to know that I stopped by, but because of my shoulder surgery, I can't type with both hands. Visiting the sites, though, has helped brighten my day!


Chuckeroon said...

Tks for dropping in on Richmond upon Thames. Glad you liked the picture. Answering yr question...I used the 28mm setting on the Oly C7070 WZ.

nazeeh said...

I Like Dave Matthews Band and your image

Ken said...

Nice photo. It's always best to run with a buddy. Mine is two legged though.

Jim said...

I listen to anything loud and with a beat. 30 seconds to Mars, AFI, All American Rejects, Green Day, My Chemical know stuff like that. I would put some on my site, but I might drive everyone away.

Ben said...

Nice picture.

I found the image does not have any significant quality loss for seeing on the site. I personally prefer small but reasonable quality but smaller file on this size and go for high quality or larger by clicking image. This images load faster so I could look detail more. I try to limit files size to about 200Kb maximum and often smaller than that by compressing 60~30% setting of JPEG, have you noticed any detail loss on mine, I'm interesting your opinion.

I love Jazz but when active may be pop or rock will do!

Jilly said...

Love this sketch of life. I noticed the dog first - so good, and then the neckrolls.

I'm active all day so I need calming down music - bluesy stuff, jazz does it for me. Or Rod Stewart singing the Great Song Book. Easy stuff.

Dusty Lens said...

Always a fine shot when a dog is involved.

We listen to the sound of nothingness on our walks. The sounds of the city, birds, and convering with eachother. Outside is a refuge from the daily noise of inside office life; radios, telephones, TVs, etc.

Gargamello said...

Yes, nice slice of life image.

Do you find that Seattle is a very athletic city? I live in the city voted America's fattest, so I'm always curious about the physical habits of "active" communities.