Sunday, April 06, 2008

Residential Beauty

Residential Beauty

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Do you enjoy looking at houses? For some It is a regular Sunday pastime. I am a fan of many architectural styles, so when I was taking a walk and saw the front elevation of this residence from about a block away, I just said, "Wow!" (For other views, please click my More Seattle Stuff page here ) On seeing this photo, Pip, a kind Seattlite who had reacted as I had told me, "The people who built this are incredibly nice. I used to breakfast at Hi Spot [local cafe popular for great breakfasts] regularly, and we'd pass this every time on the way out for our Sunday drive. They were building it very slowly. We never saw a construction crew. So one day we decided to stop and look around. The owners were there, in their silver bullet streamline trailer nestled on the property. They were happy to show us around inside (it was then still bare bones). Turns out they were both architects [Bennett Lavacot Architecture] and they were using the left over goods from their contracts to slowly build this amazing house for themselves. They have an inside/outside fireplace in there! Truly an amazing piece of Seattle. I always pause to look when I drive by."


Jim said...

the house looks wonderful and that they were able to do it by themselves is remarkable.

Chuck Pefley said...

Interesting counterpoint with the craftsman bungalow partially hidden on the left. It looks like these folks were respectful of the natural vegetation on this lot. First glance brought a sort of "good grief" response, but on look more closely I've decided I do like the house. Using leftovers is commendable!

Nice post Kim.

Jackie said...

I agree, recycling leftovers is always good :) Great photo!

Corey Templeton said...

Looks futuristic, I wouldn't mind living here.