Monday, June 30, 2008

Lake City Dick's Drive In

Dick's Off Lake City Way

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Seattlites have a longtime love affair with Dick's Drive In restaurants. There are five of them and they have become a beloved fixture in the northern neighborhoods. Why such affection for a hamburger joint? Maybe its the owners' personal commitment to doing good business and offering employees much higher than average starting wages, health benefits, childcare allowances, and college education incentives (details here). In short, there seems to be a real human being behind the business. The first Dick's opened in the Wallingford neighborhood in 1954. This one is in the Lake City neighborhood and has been busy 7 days a week since 1963. For a view of the restaurant click here. (And, you might remember my photo of the Holman Rd. Dick's from December 2006). Dick Spady was 29 when he and his two partners opened the first Dick's, which continues to keep a very simple menu of hamburgers, fries, shakes and floats, pop, and ice cream. Extra condiments cost a nickel, and you could set your watch by the gathering lunch crowds at most sites. Their first hamburgers were 19 cents, and the current price is only $1.20. They make their own fries from scratch, buy their own fresh beef from a local supplier, still hand dip their shakes, and have created over 50 years of good will through their community involvement and charitable donations.

Oh, and I wanted to say congrats to our CDPB friends in Spain! What a wonderful win after 40 years!


SeattleDMBfan said...

Great Picture! Dick's truly is an iconic institution in Seattle.

Marie-Noyale said...

A beautiful sign for what seems to be a very nice place to eat and to work!!

Small City Scenes said...

I remember, back in the day, when my husband would come home from work, stop at
Dick's for their special, 10 burgers for a dollar and we would go to the car races at Aurora Speedway. Too long ago. MB

Rachel Sarah said...

Nostalgia. My husband grew up just a few miles from this Dick's. He has been known to stop by Dick's on the way TO a sporting event AND on the way back.

Kim said...

Thanks for your kind comments, DMBFAN & Marie-Noyale.

MB, Now that's what I call a special. 10 for a buck! I bet that made for some nice evenings out at the races.

Rachel Sarah, I'm thinking the game went into extra innnings or overtime, right :-). That is so fun! It must be nice to still have the same restaurant be a going concern from youth to now. I think that's part of the great affection so many people have for Dick's.

Well, thanks again everyone!