Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Way to Beat the Gas Crunch

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest

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When we first moved to Seattle our buddy Norman took us to a shop he favored, then located in Fremont, called Electric Bikes Northwest. He and his wife Connie had electric bikes as well as Brompton folding bikes. They sold us their only car and never looked back. The bike shop has recently moved to 17th & Leary Way in the Ballard neighborhood. Eric Sundin is the owner. He is very knowledgeable and started the business 12 years ago after another full career. They ship folding bikes anywhere in the USA, and have a full service repair shop, too. This is a place to check out if you are looking for a commute solution.


Anonymous said...

Bikes are a complete solution but here, in the winter, in snow and ice and 40 below it ain't much fun to ride a bike to work or anywhere.

Jilly said...

Follows on so well from yesterday's great bike photo.

So many bikes here. I've seen people take these folding bikes out of their cars, which perhaps defeats the purpose somewhat. Super collage, Kim.

Olivier said...

beau montage, tu pourrais leur proposer pour une publicité. J'aime beaucoup

beautiful montage, you could offer them for publicity. I love

Marie-Noyale said...

Nice collage..
My mind was trying ways to fold it too!!!
I tried an electric bike in Provence early spring and it's a lot of fun!!!

Small City Scenes said...

Electric bikes could be fun. Still working but not so hard. For years I rode my bike to work. Rain or shine. I enjoyed it until at a different job a co-worked said "oh you ride a bike, have you done Mt. Rainier yet?". I said "Nooo." Apparently she had ridden everywhere. Hey I rode because I had no car. MB

babooshka said...

Fortunately, on an island most places are within walking distance, or local transport links. Marvellous compendium of images on a single subject. Superbly put together and the colours vivid and sharp without being garish.

Chuck Pefley said...

Kim, it is curious indeed we both posted collages today. (Great minds ... ?) Eric sold me an electric bike about 10 years ago from his Fremont location. Had great fun with it (made by Currie) but sold it after moving on to Vespa scooters. The tech advancements in these e-bikes has been continuing, and they are certainly viable in hilly Seattle. I expect we'll begin to see more of these as fuel cost continues to climb.

On the subject of economy and fuel cost, the Vespa Club of Seattle is hosting an "All City Scooter Day" informational event on June 14th from 12-2pm at Scoot-About on the corner of Westlake and Mercer. Several dealers, 6 or so clubs, Seattle City Councilwoman Jan Drago all will be participating as well as 50+ door-prize give-aways. Thrust of this event is to make information about riding scooters available to riders and those that might be considering becoming scooter riders. Drop by if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Kim, WHOA - your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Okay, I'm now officially inspired!

agrajag said...

Nice collage!

It reminds me of some european initiatives of bike rental: I saw in Barcelona recently that they have almost 90 000 members already, apparenlty everyone owning a chip card and with it they can pick up bikes at dozens of locations in the city with an easy move and drop it off at another point. Great idea, and it works.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

love the do you do that! there I times I find I'm completely backwards...but always up for learning.