Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pow Wow in Discovery Park

Sunset Totem

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This is the weekend a visit to beautiful Discovery Park high above Puget Sound will also bring you in touch with the pageantry, dancing, foods, arts, and community joy to be found at the Seafair Indian Days Pow Wow. United Indians of All Tribes is gathering for this 22nd Pow Wow and invites the public to camp out overnight or come for just a day. All around Seattle we have daily reminders of the first peoples of the area and the revived and living traditions that honor them and carry forward the traditionally rooted art of the Northwest Coastal tribes. I shot this twilight silhouette of a totem pole in the Haida tradition. The 60 foot tall 1984 untitled cedar carving was designed by renowned Quinalt/Isleta Pueblo artist and UW professor of American Indian Studies, Marvin Oliver, and carved by James Bender. The pole has been viewed by millions of people and is a memorial honoring Seattle architect and civic activist Victor Steinbrueck. A detail view is here.


gabi campanario said...

love the blog, i'll be coming back

jill said...

Impressive shot Kim. Thanks for all the info links. I learned alot from your post today.