Monday, August 25, 2008

Bouncing Wall

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A couple years ago I stumbled upon a party taking place in a small shop celebrating its grand opening on upper Queen Anne Ave. A DJ had his turntables set up in the window and was spinning music for a crowd of people within. The shop was Bouncing Wall, a retail boutique and gallery for many local artists, designers, and craftspeople to showcase their work. I've since been in several times, finding useful and unique gift items, and beautiful pieces I could not resist. This was the scene in the shop the other night when an artist's reception was going on, and that's the owner, Kim, smiling behind the counter.


Burd Zel Krai said...

Kim - i don't stop by as often as i'd like to but i do love your photography. i really admire it, too. you manage to capture such life and movement in your imagery (i've always been one to focus on the still)...
i wish i could capture such photos with the diversity of people you show us. this image makes me smile - the color, the slice-of-life feel, the store clerk's grin... :)

Virginia said...

How nice of Kim to allow you to photograph her interesting shop. I am sure she appreciates the great free publicity that you have given her business! I am so amazed that some shop owners tell me they don't want photographs. Have you had the same problem with any others?

Laurie said...

My kind of shop!

tina witherspoon said...

I love Bouncing Wall! maybe I'm biased. I sell my clohting line there

keep taking great photos!

Kim said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks again for coming by the store the other night! It was really nice to see you again..especially since I've been out of the store more often, due to my new son. It's been great having you shoot us at our opening and now almost 2 year later...we're still standing and you're still shooting amazing photos! Thanks for the support and hope to see you again soon!


IMakeCuteStuff said...

A friend told me that the back my head (I'm the one on the left) was featured on your blog! How cool is that!?! :) I'm almost famous! hahaha!
Love your photos...great blog of our fabulous city! Keep up the great work! :)

Kim said...

Thanks very much, each of you!
And Makes Cute Stuff, I had just purchased a few of your grocery and tote bags about 45 minutes before I took this shot at BW. I was hoping to get a shot of Kim in action when you two wandered up to the counter and I saw the back of that coat I had admired earlier in the evening. BTW, your "Totes 2 Go" are wonderful, and everyone asks me about them and wants me to show them how they fold up compactly. You're a genius. Keep creating!