Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walking Green Lake

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At just about anytime on a beautiful sunny day or a ho hum gray one, hundreds of people walk, run, ride, or skate the roughly 3 mile circumference of Seattle's popular Green Lake. They walk pets, push prams, listen to music, chat with a buddy, watch the boat or paddle surfing action on the water, or just enjoy a solitary stroll. The path and recreation areas all around the lake are well used. Here's a "Bob Shot" I took for you CDPB old timers. -) I was testing the burst mode on a little pocket camera. Have a relaxing Sunday!


Small City Scenes said...

Great shot Kim. I spent many summers at Green Lake. Never got the Green Lake 'itch' either. MB

Jilly said...

Brilliant! Such creative photography. Love it!

Marcel said...

When I'm in Seattle I almost always walk around Green Lake. Rain or shine.

Virginia said...

I see shots like this and always wonder why I can't ever think of that! Wonderful point of view!

Blacksun said...

Funny pic.

Maya said...

Or, if they are like you and me, they take photos!

Katie said...

I like the shoelaces -- I see a stick figure face with his hands raised, happy to taking a walk around Green Lake. I think he's telling the dog to heel, but it isn't working.

Petrea said...

This is one of my favorites of yours ever. It has a sense of fun and humor.

lavenderlady said...

I knew it...even before I clicked on your site from the thumbnail I said..."Greenlake". Probably because we hear about it on the news. Great photo.

Kitty said...

I love how you can see the shadow of the leash on the dog's rear end. :-)

Kim said...

MB, we used to call it "Lake Gunge" at a camp I worked at. I never got it either. Hey, you're back to your old avitar, the one I call "Whispery Girl."

Jilly, many thanks, but I like yours better than mine. . .sigh. How on earth do you keep up on two blogs of such high quality? You're amazing!

Marcel, next time you two are down, lets go walking!

Virginia, we all had inspiration from Bob in Barcelona shots and Sally in Sidney who egged us all on to try shots like this. It's become a permanent part of my repertoire now.

Blacksun, Thanks!

Maya, my prolific photo friend. Yes, we do tend to always be up to shooting something, eh? :-) Your super shots of downtown inspire me to get walking down there a bit more. (Your new avitar is so fun!)

Katie, You have a new avitar, too! That's 3 visitors today with a new look.
And, leave it to you to see figures in the laces! That is so cool. I hadn't seen "him" until you mentioned it. And, yes, that dog is definitely not heeded his pleas!

Petrea, I'm so glad you like it. Thanks a bunch, but I think Katie added a lot more fun than was there before!

Lavenderlady, yes, there were far too many news features about Greenlake this summer. . .and did you hear that what was thought a criminally malicious plot to injure the public via "sharpened" iron rods at the bottom turned out to be decomposing iron stakes put down years ago to anchor plastic tarping to keep down algea or plant growth. Lucky some long-lived guy from the parks department remembered the project and solved the mystery. Now. . .if we could just come up with an answer to the other summer mystery. . .those feet that keep washing ashore in BC! We should get Benjamin, Wayne, Jean, and Barb working on an answer to that one. :-)

Kitty, you are the first to mention my favorite detail of the shot. Good eye.

Becky said...

I love this shot! And I've actually been to Greenlake, so it's cool to see an area I've at least visited. The shot is unique and I really like it. Well done! You always have such great photos on this site. You have talent!