Monday, September 15, 2008

Yakima Daily Photo in Seattle

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Do you recognize this City Daily Photo Blogger? Yes, it's Katney, of Yakima Daily Photo! She trekked through Seattle yesterday on her 3 Day Walk to help in the fight against breast cancer. Over three thousand participants spent the third day of this amazing walk making their way through the arboretum, the University of Washington Campus, on to Green Lake (where I met Kathy in the morning), through Fremont, out to the Olympic Sculpture Park and waterfront, and then to Seattle Center's Memorial Stadium for their closing ceremony. Seattle was awash in PINK! Kathy is wearing a hat she made for last year's 3 day walk, embroidered with dozens of names of breast cancer patients, and she's holding the patchwork pink ribbon backpack she also specially made. It was wonderful to meet her and wish her well on the last leg of a very long and worthwhile effort. Congratulations Kathy! I can vouch for her completing the 60 miles (I've seen the blisters for myself!), and if you'd like to pledge for the miles Katney walked, go here. For lots more fun photos of Kathy and her fellow walkers, go here. And click on her blog (above) to see more of her adventures on the trail.


Tanya said...

I love her backpack and hat she's made!
My son's teacher has breast cancer and all the kids are wearing pink tomorrow. Had to take my son to get him a pink tshirt.
Good for all those walkers getting out there for the cause.

Bibi said...

That is so great! I would have loved to have made the walk, too. A long walk for a good cause.

Laurie said...

Beautiful portrait!

Bergson said...

I find happy the meeting of blogueurs

Tash said...

What a nice recognition for a wonderful lady. The hat brought tears to my eyes when I saw Katney's site a while back.

Kim said...

Tanya, that's wonderful that the children in your son's class are showing their care and support for his teacher in that way. This disease affects all of our lives in some way.

Bibi, Yes, and so many people on that walk, each with a story of care like Katney's. A wonderful event!

Laurie, she's a beautiful gal!

Bergson, J'apprécie rencontrer notre blogueurs pareil, aussi. Il semble que nous nous savons déjà, malgré ne pas avoir jamais rencontré face à face. J'aime notre petite communauté globale de photos et de bonne volonté. Peut-être vous viendrez nous voient ici un de ces jours, ou nous nous approcherons à votre belle ville. Et nous reconnaîtrons tant que vous nous avez montré.

Tash, That hat is AMAZING. I took several close ups of the embroidered names on the crown and brim (you can see it on my More Seattle Stuff page, the link is in this post).

Thanks for stopping to comment on this lovely, lovely lady with a sweet heart! Please consider supporting her 60 mile accomplishment to raise funds to defeat breast cancer.

Katney said...

Goodness, I'm blushing!

We are finally home, as after the 3-Day we spent a lovely week in the mountains. I'll have some posts about both at Katney's Kaboodle sometime this coming week, while Yakima Valley Daily Photo goes back into local mode.

But for now, a bit of information: Seattle 3-Day Walkers--3299 strong--raised over $8.6 million. Seattle is one of fourteen 3-Day cities this year.

One of our pit stops was along Lake Union near the docking point for Kenmore Air. A gentleman who had just come in on one of their seaplanes after flying over the city told us that from the air we looked like a pink ribbon weaving its way through the city. (I would have liked to see that view.)

While we were at Mt. Rainier, we met a tourist who had been in Seattle on Sunday. She said "We saw you all--walking along the waterfront, and then again from the Space Needle we were overlooking the closing ceremonies in the stadium."