Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chilled Curls

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Ah, the Sunday after Christmas and the rain has melted away all but a trace of snow here in Seattle. I took some shots of the chilled curls of the Salmon Wave sculptures at the locks while they were still snow dressed. I will be spending this week catching up with myself and have asked another of my favorite Seattle photographers to share his particular gifts and vision with us for a week starting tomorrow. This will conclude the guest photographer series.

I have been a follower and admirer of Slightlynorth's camera work for a couple years now through his photostream on Flickr. He shoots all over town and must pack his camera at all times as he is very prolific. He is well acquainted with the huge posse of Seattle's digital photographers who regularly get together for fun and to encourage each other in photography skills. Shawn's images have an edge to them that I really enjoy, often employing a wide angle lens or trying new techniques, and always covering something really interesting and esentially Seattle in a refreshing way. He has documented a lot of Seattle's street art and I have learned a lot about these ephemeral works through his attentive lens. I know he likes a lot of the same things I do: sushi, cats, art, music, this beautiful city, camera gear, people, and a new slant on things. I know you will enjoy seeing his unique insider's take on Seattle and can't wait for you to meet him and experience the scenes he walks through, so take a peek here! Thanks for leaving him comments and welcoming him into the City Daily Photo community this week. Enjoy, and I'll pop in on theme day :-).


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are a lot of places doing this. Why? Well when you click on your settings for RSS feeds you are sending the stuff out for the world to see, read, use, adopt, or make like it is their own.

I used to complain but no longer. You can change the settings from Full to Short and the comments feeds you could set to None.

What it means is that the people who subscribe to your feeds will only get a short one or none depending on what you choose to set.

It will also affect how you are seen on CDP or our blog outfit. Am not sure those initials are correct.

Michael said...

Hello Kim from Issaquah! I think I read that you are in L.A., but if not, maybe we could meet for a latte (how Seattleish, eh?). As for the rain, after all of the complaining about the snow, I'd rather the stuff be white!

Jilly said...

Beautiful curves, sheen, snow. A lovely image.

Look forward to your next Guest Photographer, Kim.

Kim said...

Michael, would love to see you & I just sent you an email :-).

Abe, I monitor unusual use of my feed, and this site isn't a legit agregator but puts up copyrighted images as "free wallpaper" to drive traffic in to collect Google Ads money. Your shots are there, too. They started using a lot of CDP feeds at the begining of December. We can stop them if we work together. Google Ads will pull their ads if we complain. No money, no reason to do it.

Thatnk you Jilly!

- Kim

Anonymous said...


You can protect your images from being hot linked to other sites by some simple .htaccess modifications on your webspace, when you're using Apache web server.

Ask your webhosting company - they know about this "trick".

Hyde DP said...

Thanks for alerting us Kim - I've raised the matter on the forum - I did a whois and emailed the hosts in Hong Kong (no reply as yet) and have now sent a complaint to google-ads. I've pre-posted tomorrow's post with a notice about the abuse.

Ineke said...

Thanks Kim for warning me this morning. Had no idea and am still in a bit of fog as to what to do.

I will mail google ads and use some of the advice abe gave about rss feed.