Tuesday, December 23, 2008

May I Help You?

May I Help You?, originally uploaded by penseroso.

photo and text © ervin vice

Cats are as big a draw as the books at Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill. When my wife and I decided to visit the store's new location, it was partly to see how well the cats were adjusting. Our impression was that they had settled in very nicely. In fact, it seemed that every time I turned a corner and headed down a new aisle, another furry assistant approached me with a friendly smile before turning, tail in the air and back arched jauntily, and leading the way. I half expected one of them to offer a few suggestions. I presume they hid all the copies of T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats". They're not going to let just anyone get their hands on that title.


Belgrade Daily Photo said...

Somehow cats and books just go so well together! Lovely photo, love cat. :)

Kris said...

I beg your forgiveness for my cutting and pasting – yet constantly reworking – this comment, but there was no way on Earth I would be able to make it around the whole globe to wish everybody a Merry Christmas otherwise.

You cannot know the pain it causes me to admit that I am a mere mortal (and that the magical elves on my staff have little respect for my authority or their salary packages. Consequently, the reindeer are all filthy and out of shape and the elves that have shown up for work all seem a little worse for wear, if you catch my drift. All they seem to do is sit around smoking, playing cards and telling dirty jokes! Rudolph is livid.

Anyway, from myself, Henry and Ezra, have a Merry Christmas/Winter Solstice/Hanukkah/Festivus and a happy New Year!

I hope that all of your holiday photos turn out to be triumphs, your stocking is stuffed full of lots of tasty treats and not coal and that all your gingerbread men/women come out smiling.

Carol said...

I trust you know all about Dewey? I just posted about him (rest his kitty soul)): http://northwestladybug.blogspot.com/2008/12/dewey-and-boo.html


joan said...

What a beauty! We have a cat in our city used bookstore too.