Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chocolati on 45th


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I've shown you the Greenwood and Greenlake Chocolati shops before, and here, as promised as part of SDP's Seattle chocolate specialty shops tour which we started at Fran's Chocolates last month is Chocolati on 45th in the Wallingford where you can indulge in a truffle or sip a very fine mocha. Since I've sworn off sweets for the summer, make mine an Americano, and like the guy on the sidewalk, I'll just look for now, thank you! :-)


brattcat said...

I love the expression and posture of the guy looking in and the self-absorption of the guy on the inside, not looking out.

Virginia said...

It's a lot to ponder....what shall I have when it's all so divine! I felt that way many times in Paris.

Melita said...

i feel like i could just walk right in there...and now i really want to!!

Carol said...

My daughter lives just a few steps from there, on Wallingford Avenue, a block north of 45th. Can you believe the options she has for a meal -- or a dessert, or a latte -- OUT?! Hmmmm... we'll be at her place today for a barbecue... I think maybe we'll stop at Chocolati for a little tidbit!


Kim said...

Thanks Brattcat, V. and Melita, I loved reading your thoughts.

Carol, this reminds me to ask if you've seen the giant Lady Bug in the street a few blocks from there? I think of you every time I drive past it. Your daughter's neighborhood is a fun one!