Thursday, July 23, 2009

BNSF Seattle Noir

BNSF Seattle Noir

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A train was rumbling by at the close of our Worldwide Photo Walk at the Olympic Sculpture Park & Waterfront. It was a very long train and we had to wait quite awhile before we could cross Alaskan Way. BNSF stands for Burlington Northern Santa Fe.


Steffe said...

Great tilt shift Kim.

brattcat said...

I don't know how you get these effects (though clearly Steffe does) but I'm so glad to see your camera magic.

Kim said...

Thanks Steffe!

BC, a tilt shift lens is usually used to take architectural shots without distortions that occur with other lenses. Sometimes these lenses are also used to create a feel of a miniature world. I can't afford a tilt shift lens, but there are ways to simulate them in Photoshop and other editing programs (not very well, but for novelty it is fun to try once in awhile).

pierre l said...

That is indeed a gorgeous shot, Kim. It's a good thing that the train was long giving you time to get your camera out. In the sixties, when I was young, the Santa Fe train set was always the top of the range with its War Bonnet locomotive.
I think this may be my first comment, but we met in Wayne's comment box when he had a picture of a nice Citroen.

Chirstopher King said...

That shot is awesome the contrast and the blur make that phot one of the better night shots I have seen.

Chris King
"Travels Through Images"