Monday, October 12, 2009

Hing Hay Park

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This International District park looks fairly deserted from this angle, yet even at night nearly a dozen folks are sitting or standing around conversing. In this case they are just out of sight to the right of the picture frame. This is one of those urban parks where not a blade of grass is to be found. I think that may reflect not only the setting but the purpose of this 1970s era park as primarily a gathering place and quiet lunch spot. This pavilion, built in Taiwan in 1974, has been very well maintained, and if you look closely, you'll see figures in a painted mural on the multistory building behind. The paintings tell some of the history of Chinese people in the Pacific Northwest. I'm used to walking around urban areas at night that some folks consider kinda sketch, and this is not a place I would recommend most folks to wander around after the restaurants start to close. There are a lot of street people and some will approach you for help, a hussle, or just for conversation. Just a block from here a couple guys 15 feet in front of me made an exchange of drugs for money, and last year a mentally ill guy got kind of aggressive toward me when I was in the area past midnight with my tripod trying to get some shots. During shopping and dining hours there is a bustle on the street and none of that edgy feeling.


brattcat said...

Kim, this is a gorgeous shot. You be careful out there, okay.

Bibi said...

Hmmm..never been down there at night. I must say I am a bit leery of US downtowns at night, except those with major activity like NYC. I have a photo of this (part of it!)and the mural right here