Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Tide

Pumpkin Tide
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The Red Apple Market in the Madison Park neighborhood featured some goliath pumpkins and a variety of smaller sizes. Most of the huge ones had "sold" signs on them and I wondered if people had to borrow someone's truck to haul one home. They weren't something I could imagine lifting in and out of a car trunk. I took this shot just before the cloud cover and cold of our current rain storm descended upon us and thought the bright scene might cheer those on the US west coast which seems to be one very rainy region in the world from SoCal to Canada :-). It's been a dry year, so my spring bulb garden, which I've just spent a bit of time getting in order, is thankful for the rain.


brattcat said...

What a perfect title for this post. Makes me want to bake a pie...a lot of pies.

Bibi said...

You can find all kinds of gourds, squash, and edible pumpkins here, but rarely can you find the thinner-skinned 'American' pumpkins like these. I buy big slices of the four-inch fleshed pumpkins to bake and make into pies, but buying a whole one for a jack o'lantern is a waste, and you'd have to be Jason from the Halloween movie to hack eyes, nose, and a mouth out of it. I've tried...

Chuck Pefley said...

Halloween-tide is sort of like Christmastide? Well, no, not in this case as they seem to be flowing from the bus shelter. I've seen more giant 40+ # pumpkins this year at stores than I every remember seeing in past years. That size was usually only found at the county fair. I can't imagine trying to get one of those monsters home, let alone carving or using in any way.

Cheers, Kim.