Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iPhone Wednesday #37: 9 On Board

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It is spring break for many school children in Seattle this week. I saw these moms having such fun with their kids. They had all climbed on board a giant teeter totter at Salmon Bay Park and were bouncing and laughing and enjoying each other and the sunbreak in the weather. Made me smile just to look at them. Hope you are enjoying this week, too! This is my iPhone Wednesday shot where I take and edit the image using an iPhone and creative apps.


Davine said...

Aren't the smiles and the laughter of children just wonderful especially when they don't know they are being watched. My week is going pretty good so far - whishing the happiest of Easters.

Kim said...

What touched me were the smiles on parent faces. . .parents actually enjoying their kids. . .what a concept!

brattcat said...

wonderful image, Kim.

Janet said...

When I read the caption about that image I looked closely to see if my grankids were in the photo. Salmon Bay Park is close by.

Kim said...

Thanks Davine and Brattcat!
And Janet, glad the shot brought your thoughts close to your family here. As a policy I rarely feature photos of children and only if they are not readily identifiable or if I've received permission from a parent to photograph them. The distortions in this shot made the kids fairly ubiquitous and I think only a family member would recognize them. Sorry they were not yours, but yours probably enjoy this teeter totter, too. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that photo. Impossible to look at it without a smile. I hope the parents see it; they would love it.