Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainy Metropolitan Night

Rainy Metropolitan Night
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This two-toned Honda scooter caught my eye on 2nd Ave in Downtown Seattle. The taxi happened by just as I took the shot. We are enjoying more rain. Which would you take, the scooter or the taxi on such a night? I've been drawn to taking photos of scooters since falling in love with a neighbor's cool Vespa when we lived in San Francisco. I've featured several shots here over the years starting the first month I posted. They are just so visually cool, especially the vintage ones. One of the fun things about blogging friends is the enthusiasm and special passion they share about things with their viewers. This is dedicated to two avid riders, blogging buddies, Chuck of One A Day-Mostly Seattle, and Joni of Art by Joni James. Although they may not ride a Metropolitan, they are true scooter aficionados and have many friends they ride with. Me, I know nothing about scooters except I like to shoot them and the folks that ride them :-). Like this retro fashionista. . . a lot of you may remember.


B SQUARED said...

Wish we didn't have the traffic and awful drivers or I'd have one, too.

Noxalio said...

nice composition and
capture of a moment.

i love the shadows
and the shimmer of
the raindrops on both
bike and Benz.

Chuck Pefley said...

Well, I'd pick the scooter, of course -:)

My "general" rule is I don't ride if it's raining when I set out ... but if I get caught in the rain while out, well then, so be it. That is why god made rain gear!

Thanks for the cool photo today. These little Hondas are great in urban settings but can be challenged if tasked with a steep hill ...

Katie said...

Great photo - the scooter really enlivens the rainy scene. As cool as the two-toned scooter is though, I think I'd take the taxi on a rainy night. However on a sunny day I'd put on a bright red and white outfit (with hints of black) and take the scooter!

Clueless in Boston said...

Nice looking scooter. Thought for a moment I was on the wrong Seattle photoblog.