Thursday, June 03, 2010

What Are the Odds?

What Are the Odds?
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What are the odds that a truck baring the label "Royal" would pull to a stop at a street named "Royal Brougham" and that I would pull up behind it, camera at the ready?

Royal Brougham Way is named for a much beloved Seattle P-I sports reporter who had a very long and celebrated career. The street is near Seattle's two major league sports stadiums, Qwest Field, home of the Seahawks and Sounders, and Safeco Field where the Mariners are currently holding court for the summer. Yesterday was a big sports news day here that Royal Brougham would have no doubt covered with interest: Seattle's beloved Ken Griffy, Jr. announced his retirement from baseball at age 40 after 22 amazing seasons, and Ichiro Suzuki made the winning hit for a 2-1 victory in 10 innings against the Minnesota Twins.


Wayne said...

I can tell you the odds that I'd have had my camera ready to catch the shot Kim.

Million to one!

Jacob said...

hah nice. It's probably good luck!

Ben said...

Nice one!
BTW. your banner photo says "It is not currently available". You might want to update the flikcr source link.

Bibi said...

I often grab serendipitous shots like this...sometimes funny, sometimes sad. 'Never leave home without it' applies to my camera, not my credit card! Yours is a good coincidence here!

joan said...

Great catch. You have to really be paying attention to capture these little oddities.