Friday, January 28, 2011

Chetzemoka On The Go

Chetzemoka On The Go
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Looking out from Fort Casey on Whidbey Island you can see the brand new 64 car ferry, the Chetzemoka heading toward the Keystone ferry landing. This is reported to be the most expensive US ferry ever built, costing over 79 million and providing hundreds of local jobs. Launched just last November and the first of three new ferries slated to replace the Steel Electric ferries that were removed from service suddenly in 2007 due to hull safety concerns. The Steel Electric Ferries were built in 1927 and saw service first in San Francisco before coming north to Puget Sound for many more years of service. Well, Chetzemoka, long may you run, too!

We rode the Chetzemoka between Whidbey and Port Townsend several times in rough winter seas last month and it is a smooth ride. These are some of my family members out for a walk with me, all of us taking photos :-).


brattcat said...

Ah, how fortunate to have a photo-centric family.

Maya said...

Looks like a fun day. I love how everyone is shooting!

The Red Angel said...

This is a really pretty photo. I love the deep focus and deep sense of space there is...looks like it was a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view. I can't say I've seen it from this angle before.

Dindin MK said...

Nice composition, beautiful view!
I love the way you play with curve.

-K- said...

What an awesome panorama.