Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farewell Guitar Emporium

Farewell Guitar Emporium
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Filled with gorgeous instruments from local luthiers and high end makers from Canada and the US, looking in the windows of the Guitar Emporium on Ballard Ave was always a pleasure. The Emporium was a fixture in its distinctive building for 21 years. Now viewing and purchasing of their delectable instruments will have to be done on line as the shop is shut with a notice in the window from the owner to look for them as a business in cyber space now.


Tash said...

A lovely farewell shot. So sad to see an old favorite close its doors. I noticed it when I walked the area last year.

Anonymous said...

Alas, progress if one can all it that! I don't mind buying online if I know what I'm looking for but if not there is nothing like being able to hold something in your hands and think... My dulcimer came from Dusty Strings in Fremont, hope they don't go this way as well.

Lynette said...

Thank you for this beautiful photo to mark their transition.

Bibi said...

My son will be crushed. I think he knows this place.

And that's a gorgeous guitar you photographed.

Janet said...

Great photo, per usual. I arrived down at the shop just as they were sealing up the last box. Tears.

Avocaken said...

Makes me think of the song by Queen - "another one bites the dust".

It's crazy that the shop keeper can do more business online than in a "real" store. How do you hear a plucked string or just feel the instrument online?

Scary - my "secret word" to post this comment is "MOVION" (moving on?)

Ken B.