Saturday, February 26, 2011

Souvenir Has Closed

Souvenir Has Closed
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Over the years my favorite shopfront on historic Ballard Ave has been the unmarked entryway to Curtis Steiner's "Souvenir" shop. Steiner is a local artist who has not only sold his one of a kind cards from this location for a decade but delighted the neighborhood with his interesting window displays featuring some of the unique art objects he has collected and sells. Take this Schroeder-like "baby grand" piano with a carved and painted bust of. . . well, it's not Beethoven with those glassy eyes. Yesterday when I walked by their were pieces of not-so-artfully arranged furniture in the windows. Sigh. I hope Steiner opens another venue for his delights. And what made me even sadder was another favorite store I loved to browse, the Guitar Emporium, has also recently closed. A sign in the window says the high-end and custom acoustic instrument business is going on line. I will try to post a photo I took there tomorrow. Things are always changing for businesses, especially in this economy and in that neighborhood which, over the past ten years, has seen a lot of retail change and rising rents and condo conversions. Farewell fave, wonderful shops, and good luck in whatever new incarnation and location you may find yourselves.

Tile &Terrazzo Daylight #3
This part (hopefully) won't change. This terrazzo and tile entryway with "Frank's" written in the stone will remain as a reminder of the creative charm that can live through decades of changes.


Julia said...

Love the Pictures!
Klick ;)
xoxo julia

Bibi said...

Just commented on your 'guitar store' closing and now this!!! Awful! So many good old stores are going....

Steffe said...

Hopefully Curtis has found a new place to sell his stuff, that baby grand piano is a bit different!