Monday, March 07, 2011

Cape Cleare Delivers Their Catch By Bike

Cape Clear Delivers Their Catch By Bike
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These people are living the Pacific Northwest sustainable dream. Meet Rick and Heidi of Cape Cleare Salmon. Rick Oltman takes his fishing vessel, the Cape Cleare, from Port Townsend up into Alaskan waters during fishing season and uses hook and line to bring in the catch one at a time. He and partner Hiedi board ferries on these two Surly "Big Dummy" cargo bicycles, with custom trailers he built, to transport the flash frozen catch to restaurants and markets. They were on their way home from selling at the Sunday Ballard Farmers Market when we passed them crossing the Ballard Locks. I was smitten with the colorful artwork on sail cloth that they've incorporated into the frames. Please take a look at my More Seattle Stuff page to see shots of the trailers in full, as their design is ingenious and can carry hundreds of pounds of cargo. When you not only know what waters your fish came from but who caught it and how, it's got to make you feel good. Their values and integrity show in the ways they've chosen to run their business. I think that's pretty inspirational to see.


brattcat said...

It was inspirational to meet them in person, but this post helps me understand so much more about their commitment to the craft of nurturing the planet.

Kate said...

This is a terrific photo with lots of great information. Just came from brattcat's blog and discovered how much she enjoyed meeting you...what fun for all of you!
PS. After today come visit my Mazatlán, México blog. PSS. I am always impressed by your careful and informative narrative.

Anonymous said...

They are SO COOL! :D

Madge said...

Gotta love the diversity of us Seattleites... well captured!

raf said...

Great post, Kim! Folks around Port Townsend consider themselves fortunate to have Rick and Heidi as part of the community. Their Cape Cleare product is top-notch and their grill wagon is a familiar scene at events around town. As a former fisherman, I can tell you that you can't purchase better quality seafood than Cape Cleare delivers.