Saturday, March 05, 2011

Seattlites Are Fun, Nice People

Loading the Case
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So, I was busy across the street setting up a shot of these shops aglow in the Wallingford neighborhood when a man emerged from either the beer shop or the wine shop there with a case on his shoulder and proceeded to load it into his car. I didn't think anything of it except, "Yay, a human to add some interest to the street scene." About the time he got the hatch open he noticed me shooting from across the street and just stood there grinning, posing with the case on his shoulder. Of course I started to laugh so hard at being seen that those next shots were blurred. I gave up and waved at him and he at me and we went our merry ways chuckling into the evening. Where do you think the contents of that case came from, wine shop or beer shop? :-).


Maya said...

Half and half? Beautiful dusk shot!

brattcat said...

great story. we do feel invisible behind our cameras, don't we? it's fun, this reaction of yours, to being caught out. i'm guessing beer.

A Seattleite in Paris said...

Since the Brit is friends with the owner of Bottleworks, I vote for beer. :)