Friday, August 26, 2011

Hidden Tiger, Crouching Photographer

Hidden Tiger, Blooming Chrysanthemum
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Summer is in full bloom and Seattlites have shed their layers to embrace it. Even so, this tiger is a bit shy to show its face, but the chrysanthemum doesn't mind. :-) I was having brunch with friends at Le Rêve bakery café when this couple came in and I just had to shoot that beautifully done tatt. It reminds me of this tricky picture (click to enjoy).



Bibi said...

Want to have brunch there with me when I come? I will be in Seattle from Sept. 8-Oct. 13th.

Cool tattoo... said...

An advantage of someone having a tattoo like this is that you can photograph it without being noticed or asking permission.

Karen Akerson said...

Kim: As usual you not only got the shot but you have a great composition with the cashier peaking out and putting it all in perspective. There is a style to your work that is a joy to experience.

Kim said...

@ Bibi, sounds great. You can get me ready for Paris!

@ Dave, I was clicking away at my friends at the table when they came by and I just had to nab the shot.

@ Karen, You are always so kind. I actually tried cropping the shot but ended up liking the unconventional comp of the original better. Something about that angular slope to the left from the man's shoulder down an angle to her head and the paper on the post that made me keep it.
BTW, at left at the table is my longtime friend who used to work at the student housing office at UCSF when we were there :-). How was your little shake up back east? Hope all is well. And, send me a link where I can see some of the video/film work you've been doing. Would love to see where your creativity is taking you.

Shell Sherree said...

I couldn't wear that tattoo, but I can certainly admire the craftsmanship! And the hair sets it off beautifully. Have a lovely weekend, Kim.