Thursday, August 25, 2011

Veggie Vendor

Veggie Vendor
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Summer produce at Pike Place Market is plentiful, beautiful, and soooo tasty. It's always a pleasure to peruse and a good value. An added pleasure is getting to "meet the producer," too. As appealing as these veggies are, my purchases there have been limited to just fruit lately. Some friends and I recently started receiving weekly deliveries of a variety of organic veggies from New Earth Farm in the Skagit Valley (north of Seattle). We have helped out on the farm a couple times and have gotten to know the folks who grow and pick the food. I have so enjoyed the fresh offerings produced locally and am very thankful to have wholesome food in such variety available. Hope you are enjoying the tastes of summer, too! Maybe from your own kitchen garden? I will so regret when the peaches at the Market are done. . .they've been especially good this year. But fall's coming on soon, and my three little espaliered apple trees are full of nearly ripe fruit to enjoy next month.


brattcat said...

the peaches are just coming in now in vermont and they are so perfectly summer. enjoy your apples when they're ready.

Anonymous said...

I don't get to the market as often as I'd like, but I do buy produce at Duane's Produce in Boulevard Park, (he sold at the Market for years) and his produce is always first rate).

Jilly said...

Love the composition and light in this photo and fuzzy depth of field. Makes me sigh. Such intensity and wanting to please on the server's face.