Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day Hero, Our Jolly Postman

Snow Day Hero, Our Jolly Postman
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We've always had the best mail carrier in Seattle, and today he was out there trudging through the wet powder and cold temps just as cheerfully and efficiently as any other kind of day he usually encounters. No snow day for him."Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Thanks Mr. Postman! I ventured out in snow boots with the camera and caught some of the snow day fun folks were having on the hilly streets. Adults and children all in happy spirits.
We're All Kids On a Snow DayTaking a Rest


brattcat said...

let's hear it for the mail carriers...ours, too, is a treasure.

Milton Ostetto said...

uaaauu que frio

Cal said...

Miss our postman since we moved! He was really part of the community and was so cheerful. Hurrah for mail carriers!

Kate said...

Joyful photos..all of them. Many of us seem to have a personal relationship with our mail carriers....terrific public servants!! And I hope that the postal service can find ways so that all of them will keep their jobs! I send snail mail as often as possible.

Juli said...

Hey, we have the same postman! He is always so friendly and in a good mood.
He is the nicest postman we ever had.

Grace-Life is Beautiful said...

Hello, Your mailman looks like he enjoys his job!!! He is certainly dressed for it.
We've been hearing about the winter snow in the Northwest and I wondered if there was a blog and found Seattle Daily Photo. We're going to get our first snowfall of 2012, " a wintry mix of one inch , tomorrow.
I was just talking about sledding in the snow on a round "saucer" at our local park when I was a kid, love that Neon green sled!!! and the smiling kids in the snow!!!

Katie said...

Such a fabulous photo of your mailman! And the kids sledding look like they're having a blast. We're just getting rain in NorCal so it's fun to see snow photos. Thanks!

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