Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Path Through the Water

Path Through the Water
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These women were out on the water when the air was 34 F. It had snowed in the morning, but not stuck to the ground near the ship canal. They are heading under the Fremont Bridge and out onto Lake Union and to Portage Bay beyond. Rowing is a hugely popular activity in Seattle, with many private and school affiliated clubs dotting the shores of our waterways. The shells glide by swiftly, gracefully and nearly soundlessly.


Kate said...

I doubt that those women are out there now! I was amazed and mesmerized by the newscast and photos of your current snowy weather.

Kim said...

Actually, it just began snowing at 3:30 AM. It's 10:30 AM now and we've got 4" on the back deck. Powdery snow, wind blowing it every which way so you can barely see all the gleeful kids sledding down the street :-) (my school's closed, too). But nothing like you get in MN. We are whimps. It would make you laugh what stops us.

Anonymous said...

Great shot... I see a brightly colored hat on one. Not much stops activity in Seattle, does it?

Steve Scauzillo said...

Love the reflections and the wide open shot. I just saw on the news that you were getting snow and I thought of you and your blog. Happy sledding!