Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Pay Cash @ the Moulin Rouge

We Pay Cash @ the Moulin Rouge
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This guy is getting ready to purchase his order at Red Mill Burgers which takes only cash or check. The scene was so colorful I just had to snap this with my iPhone. My all around fave: the Veggie Verde Burger. Yum!


Sheryl said...

This is a great picture! I've heard so much about Red Mill Burgers and can't wait to try them in a few months when my husband and I relocate to Seattle.

Kim said...

There is so much to explore gastronomically in Seattle, depending on what neighborhoods you two end up living in and working in. Red Mill has three locations in the north end of town, Phinney Ridge, Magnolia/Interbay, and a new one across the street from the Locks in Ballard. They took over The Old Totem House, which closed last year after decades as a fish & chowder house. The building features were carved by a native master craftsman, and Red Mill and the community wanted to retain the historical art of the building. A win-win for all. Best to you on the move.