Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Looking Up to Her at 50!

Still Looking Up to Her at 50!
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I took this shot of The Jetsons era beauty looking up through the glass rain shield that covers the gift shop walkway. Seattlites are going dotty for their icon, as the Space Needle is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. Here's the Needle By The Numbers:
605 feet tall
Original cost: $4.5 million
Remodel cost in 2000: $21 million
Visited by 1.2 million people a year
Repainted 4 times, using 8,000 gallons
On hot days, the Needle expands about 1 inch
Opened to the public April 21, 1962
Open 365 days per year

Here's a link to the live webcam on top of the Needle. You can manipulate the view to see out in any direction on the compass. So, check out the view from the top, and if you look in the right direction, you might see my house :-).


Lachezar said...

Nice dotty view, I like it!

Hilda said...

And I thought it was a Roy Lichtenstein painting of the Needle. :D

Linnea said...

Very cool shot...they should make a postage stamp out of this!

Susie of Arabia said...

I thought you had photoshopped it or something - it's very artsy. I love it!