List of City Daily Photo Blogs 2011

440 Active CDPBlogs. Updated 08/22/11
(Please note: the portal that linked all CDPBlogs was vandalized and destroyed in 2012. Peter and Julie, photobloggers in the CDPB community, have created a new CDPB portal. Not all blogs from this list from the old portal appear on the new portal.  Please explore the new portal for current City Daily Photo Blogs, a link is in my sidebar).

440 Active Blogs in the City Daily Photo Family (list updated 08/22/2011 -- 86 less than the all-time high of 526 active blogs on 12/28/2010 -- 32 more active blogs than on 9/2/09, 68 more active blogs than on 12/27/08, 111 more than on 8/11/08, and 141 more than 6/15/08!)  Blogs come and blogs go and blogs stay. We were growing at about the rate of 80 active blogs a year but that slowed for two years to about 35 new active city blogs per year, and now we have decreased by 86 active blogs since Dec 2010. The cumulative total of blogs that have joined CDPBlogs since 2005 is over 1000, but only 440 are currently publishing regularly.